Veena chauhan

Veena Chauhan was born in Bangalore India, to a political family of wealthy silk farm landowners, exposing her to the textile industry from an early age. As a young girl, Veena became fascinated by her Mothers collection of English embroideries, her love of fine fabrics and her immaculate attention to detail, which was best exhibited in her clothing designs for period dolls.

Growing up with the influence of British culture, Veena’s eye became accustom to western tailoring, which was common dress in menswear at the time. Raised in the foreground of the Belur-Halebid Temple, Veena found inspiration in the intricate details of the ancient stone reliefs and the majestic scale of cathedral ceilings, leading her to originally pursue the study of architecture, traveling from Asia to Europe and eventually North America.

One need to only look into her childhood to understand the beginnings of Veena Chauhan’s couture inspired evening separates, richly textured with artisan details and her love of found objects as cultural treasures.