Rescue, Restore, Empower is the anthem of this organization. My dream one day is give these young kids a sewing machine  and a creative outlet to pave a way for a independent future and an escape from the treacherous life they are bound by.


This is a foundation close to my heart since I personally know a family and of families who battle with this condition,  which can impact not only the individual suffering from it, but everyone who loves them and cares for them. People need to read, understand and be more knowledgable to know what these folks go through and treat these children with respect.

When my son was diagnosed for ALL-Leukemia and in treatment in 2014, Make-A-Wish Foundation went far and Beyond to make his wish come true within a short period of time.  I cannot thank them enough for helping his wish granted and many of the terminally ill kids who never know if they will live to see the next day. Thank you to the amazing NJ wish team and BMW-Munich for granting his wish.

This organization is very close to my heart. My little boy will not be here today, if it was not for the incredible and courageous team of doctors and nurses, led by Dr. Steven Halpern and the unconditional love and attention from the front door staff to the Janitors. These folks are the true hero's and saviors.